We believe each client’s needs are as unique as they are. This line of thinking has established Hess Design Solutions (H.D.S.) as an emerging contract design company dedicated to delivering the very highest quality without compromising distinctly individual design. We work regularly with companies including corporations and not for profits, regardless of size. Our clients can expect customized and innovative designs that never lose sight of classic fundamentals, standards or quality.

As a native Chicagoan, artist and designer, Chris Hess founded this agency to provide local small businesses, corporations, non-profits and institutions with web/graphic design, print design and digital marketing services. Our projects have ranged diversely from corporate branding, web design, graphic design, web content and package design to document support, presentational support, audio clips, loops for the web and even an aircraft cockpit design.

The desire we have for creativity with H.D.S. is paired with a commitment to price all projects as reasonably as possible. We truly believe that we provide each current and potential client with an exceptional value. Each phase of our customer’s design projects are handled with great care to ensure cost effectiveness. As each day passes, our client list grows as does our portfolio. We will never compromise quality or our beliefs in the unique individuality of each client. Contact us to discuss any solutions you may be searching for and discover creative design at its best with Hess Design Solutions.



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