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  • Hess Design Solutions:  Jim Kazanjian
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Architecture Re-imagined Via Photo Mash-ups.

Portland Oregon based artist Jim Kazanjian has lost his mind and his mind is a truly beautiful yet seemingly frightening place. As you can see his collage work truly sells architecture through the eyes of a mad scientist. These homes have more in common with Dr, Frankenstein than say Frank Lloyd Wright and we love it! Kazanijian has amassed a collection of around 25,000 found images from the internet, he then combines certain elements of architectural forms to craft a visually stimulating structures which evoke mystery and fantasy. We felt we needed to share these, enjoy!

  • Watervilla Dock Side View
  • Watervilla River View (Night)
  • Watervilla Living Area
  • Watervilla Stairs
  • Watervilla Kitchen
  • Watervilla Dock

Watervilla de Omval

We at HDS are huge fans of architecture and we were pleasantly surprised to find that the houseboat has been redesigned. This clean and rather leanly designed house boat, Watervilla De Omval, floats upon the Amstel river in Amsterdam. A very contemporary redesign was utilized and all without losing the true characteristics of the typical houseboat. Living on the water has always been an option for folks in Amsterdam and it becomes more and more popular every year.

We Pity The Big Bad Wolf

Amazing! Could the draw bridge’s legacy save lives throughout the midwest? Quite possibly, architects at 10 Design concocted this conceptual house for which tornadoes would pose no threat. The house can easily tuck itself beneath the ground much like a turtle can retract it’s vulnerable head out of harm’s way.