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David Bowie Is…

This is really big news if your a David Bowie fanatic and Chris Hess of Hess Design Solutions is just that. The V&A Museum has been granted access to the David Bowie Archive to curate the first international retrospective of the career of David Bowie. David Bowie remains one of the most pioneering and influential performers of our time. The exhibit contains more than three hundred objects, including handwritten lyrics, costumes, photos, set designs, album artwork, and rare performance material from over five decades all brought together from the David Bowie Archive for the first time.

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  • Kristian Hammerstad on Hess Design Solutions

Hess Design Solutions wishes you a Happy X-mas!

We here at Hess Design Solutions stumbled upon this Christmas Gifts or Gifs recently and felt we had to share this with everyone. The web site is a quirky GIF art showcase comprised of submissions from international illustrators,animators and directors. This whimsical project was curated by Ryan Todd and built by Enjoy This. And all the while we thought the Graphics Interchange Format was dead, little did we know. 

Time-lapsed Airplanes Landing!

We found this story on Designboom and we could not resist reposting it. American film professor and photographer Cy Kuckenbaker has captured every airplane that landed at san diego international airport a week ago between the hours of 10:30am and 3pm in a time-lapse video. the concept was born from an image by ho-yeol ryu at hannover airport – showing a herd of the massive machines in one visualization and Kuckenbaker wanted to capture the unusual flight path that brings planes very low right over the center of the city of san diego, causing them to drop behind a hill the make the runway. to create the video he would shoot the planes on a cloudless day individually then isolate the image of the plane and composite each one together in a timeline with adobe premier.

Death Grips & Galen Pehrson Collaboration = AWESOME!

Sacramento, California based experimental rap group Death Grips recently got together for The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles with animator Galen Pherson for a collaborative multimedia piece titled “True Vulture. Mr. Pehrson has hand-drawn an animated storyboard to go along with the Death Grips track “True Vulture”. The “True Vulture” project also includes a voiceover by actress Jena Malone (Into the WildSucker Punch). We think it’s an awesome piece of Art reminiscent of the 1970’s children’s show The Electric Company. Enjoy!

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  • Hess Design Solutions: MotherToFu
  • Hess Design Solutions: GoonSquadThePyongYangPlayer
  • Hess Design Solutions: GoonSquadTheHavanaSlammer
  • Hess Design Solutions: KINGROBOTTEE

HDS loves Kid Robot

Ever heard of a company named Kid Robot? Are you into collectable Art toys? To be honest, we here at Hess Design Solutions have seen their toys here and there; I guess we never really gave them much thought. And we should have. Turns out these folks have a generous cult following and they claim to be the world’s premier creator of limited edition art toys and apparel. Could toys really be any more creative than theirs? We think not.

  • Hess Design Solutions: Grizzly Bear – Shields Art
  • Hess Design Solutions: Richard Diebenkorn – figure study
  • Hess Design Solutions: Another Dieberkorn similar to Grizzly Bear – Shields Art
  • Hess Design Solutions: Similar to Grizzly Bear – Shields Art
  • Hess Design Solutions: Richard Diebenkorn’s “Ocean Park No.129”
  • Hess Design Solutions: Dieberkorn’s Cityscape
  • Hess Design Solutions: Richard Diebenkorn – nude study
  • Hess Design Solutions: Richard Diebenkorn – another figure study
  • Hess Design Solutions: Richard Diebenkorn full nude

Richard Diebenkorn: Bay Area Figurative Bad Ass?

We must admit, we don’t write enough about fine artists, the folks who truly inspire us to keep taking self inventory and develop our methods further. It’s high time we flip the record, namely the new Grizzly Bear record. Grizzly Bear, you might ask? One of our staff had  a discussion late last night with three or four of his amigos and as they talked someone put on some wonderful music by the band Grizzly Bear. Needless to say, this certain someone who will remain nameless shamelessly referred to the wrong artist for the band’s cover art. Richard Diebenkorn is the artist behind the cover art.

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Double Discount

We just had to post this sculpture titled “Double Discount” by artist Aled Lewis. The British born artist is clearly influenced and inspired by comics, film and television… uh, and video games. Here he replicates the Gameboy’s Double Dragon II via laser cutting by speedview. Cheers!

Toro Y Moi – Rose Quartz @ Lollapalooza 2012

Here at Hess Design Solutions we take music just as seriously as design. We work amongst and with musicians, music is the soundtrack to our lives as well as our workplace. So from time to time we will post something we really dig up here on the blog. This week it happend to be a song performed by a group named Toro Y Moi who just recently performed at Lollapalooza here in Chicago. It’s a sure bet that not everyone made it to our fine city this summer so we thought we should post it for those of you that missed it. AhmadTheChamp, a user on You Tube had this to say, “SO DOPE!” and we concur.