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The Magic of Moleskine!

We are huge fans of Moleskine notebooks around here, we use them all the time to sketch out wire frames, draft logos ideas, doodle and boy they sure come in handy for journaling. And we can’t help but love this fantastic stop motion short with its whimsical yet impressive choreography. This was the fourth film based on the Moleskine brand by Hague-based graphic and AV designer Rogier Wieland. The film features Moleskine’s newly yearly planner and he uses the books to illustrate the day in the life of a Moleskine owner.

Malika Favre – Hide & Seek

Malika Favre has released a whimsical animation for her Hide and Seek exhibition at Kemistry Gallery in London, England. The exhibit runs from the 6th of September until the 29th and tells the story of “an intriguing and sophisticated woman travelling from one pattern to the next, hiding from the unsuspecting viewer”. We love it!