HDS loves Kid Robot

Ever heard of a company named Kid Robot? Are you into collectable Art toys? To be honest, we here at Hess Design Solutions have seen their toys here and there; I guess we never really gave them much thought. And we should have. Turns out these folks have a generous cult following and they claim to be the world’s premier creator of limited edition art toys and apparel. Could toys really be any more creative than theirs? We think not.

The company was founded by designer Paul Budnitz back in 2002, he is a bit of a renaissance man not unlike our company’s founder Chris Hess. Paul works as an artist, designer, author, filmmaker & serial entrepreneur and has now found a new outlet, Budnitz Bikes. But enough about Paul Budnitz already (you can read a great interview on Life + Times by clicking here).

Kid Robot chugs along as a collaborative effort made up from a number of talented designers. Most recently, we just cannot get enough of their new Goon Squad collectables. Reagan, Castro and the Ayatollah to name a few. We love a great looking bust that breaks from tradition! Hell we love and take inspiration from Pop Art so it just makes sense that we shout about them. We highly recommend you browse the shop as you are bound to find something you love. Enjoy!

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