HunterGatherer: Hands On

The folks behind HunterGatherer (founded by Todd St. John) are always moving the goal posts with a very unique “hands-on” approach to design, illustration, and animation. HunterGatherer have been around since 2000 and I think the first time I became aware of HunterGatherer was their cover art they did for Money Mark’s “Brand New By Tomorrow” LP. The studio’s work has been frequently published and exhibited. HunterGatherer has won awards from multiple design organizations, and Todd St. John was included along with collaborator Gary Benzel in the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Triennial: Design Now.

So enough smoke blowing from us, but we encourage you to check out the new website launch. Fantastically clean, streamlined, simple user interface with a focus on their output. The site has also been optimized for multiple devices and we certainly know how important that is. Kudos! Check out the site and their output by clicking here.

– Chris Hess (HDS Creative Director)

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