New Warp vinyl represses: Aphex Twin, Grizzly Bear & Flying Lotus

Nothing sounds better than vinyl right? Well some of you folks may disagree but those of us (HDS) who collect are very excited. Warp Records is repressing an incredible bunch of vinyl releases this fall. On September 3, a new pressing of Grizzly Bear‘s “Yellow House” and “Veckatimest” will be out on heavyweight vinyl for the first time ever! Also, Aphex Twin‘s “I Care Because You Do” and the “Richard D. James Album” will both be rereleased on the 8th of October, also on available for the first time on heavyweight vinyl. We have to admite that we have gained a lot of inspiration from Aphex Twin over the years. If that weren’t enough Flying Lotus‘s “Cosmogramma”, “Los Angeles”, “Pattern+Grid World” and “Reset” are all still available.

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