The Global Higher Education Organization (GHEO) is a global non-profit that provides financial, social and program support services to secondary education students in the nation of Colombia. By providing Colombians resource equality and direct support to the student as well as networking they are beginning to empower communities through education. They asked HDS for a responsive and mobile friendly site that showcased their work, dedication to the cause and ultimately delivered their message to a broader audience.  This redesign utilizes minimalism by implementing white space, the site is fully responsiveness, scrollable and improved U/I.

Date: 02/14/2017 Client: G.H.E.O. Skills: Web Design Website: https://www.gheo.org/


While many people consider sensory experience as the main source of happiness, really it is peace of mind. What destroys peace of mind is anger, hatred, anxiety and fear. Kindness counters this—and through appropriate education we can learn to tackle such emotions.

Have you heard ‘Sleepy - Listing (12" ReMix)’ by Garden House Records on #SoundCloud? #np https://t.co/eGeyGIaNfi

.@AlanDersh to President Trump: You have to end this policy of separating parents from children – there are other ways of doing this

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