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  • Danelle and Chris
  • Danelle and Chris

Danelle and Chris

This wedding site was designed for our Hess Design Solution’s owner and his fiance in order to better inform their guests of details and control invites. We decided to keep the site very whimsical and light hearted with humorous conversational content, a blog and areas for people to request songs for the dance segment of the reception. We also installed a fantastic RSVP plugin which we can highly recommend to others who might be building their own wedding site in WordPress.

(This site has recently been deactivated)

Date: December 2011 Client: Danelle Durante and Chris Hess Skills: Web Design


What a joke > DEA Chief's Congressional Testimony About Legal Marijuana Angered Some, Baffled Many https://t.co/7Lnl9dqOm3

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Watch as newscasters at dozens of stations read Sinclair's talking points. https://t.co/r6rwduO7eH via @HuffPost

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