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This particular client came to us with their site asking for a face lift. Their preexisting site did look a bit dated coded primarily in HTML with frames and run-on pages. This business certainly had the content and they had well established Search Engine Optimization standards in place. We decided to move their site into the WordPress environment and take advantage of WP’s styling capabilities including features such as accordion boxes and parallax scroll. The client is more than happy with a  streamlined UX and new responsive design.

Date: December 2015 Client: My Guys Know How Skills: Web Design Website: www.myguysknowhow.com/


What a joke > DEA Chief's Congressional Testimony About Legal Marijuana Angered Some, Baffled Many https://t.co/7Lnl9dqOm3

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Watch as newscasters at dozens of stations read Sinclair's talking points. https://t.co/r6rwduO7eH via @HuffPost

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