Richard Diebenkorn: Bay Area Figurative Bad Ass?

We must admit, we don’t write enough about fine artists, the folks who truly inspire us to keep taking self inventory and develop our methods further. It’s high time we flip the record, namely the new Grizzly Bear record. Grizzly Bear, you might ask? One of our staff had  a discussion late last night with three or four of his amigos and as they talked someone put on some wonderful music by the band Grizzly Bear. Needless to say, this certain someone who will remain nameless shamelessly referred to the wrong artist for the band’s cover art. Richard Diebenkorn is the artist behind the cover art.

Diebenkorn was born in Portland, Oregon and was raised in the San Francisco area where he spent his childhood feverishly drawing. Later he attended Stanford University in beautiful sunny southern California to study fine art. While attending Stanford Diebenkorn met his two mentors, Professor Victor Arnautoff who guided him in a classic formal discipline via oils, and Daniel Mendelowitz, with whom he shared a passion for the work of Ed Hopper.

Throughout the 1940’s and 1950’s Diebenkorn lived and worked in many cities throughout The States from Urbana, Illinois and Woodstock, New York to Albuquerque, New Mexico and Berkley, California. During these years he developed his uniquely lucid form of abstract expressionism. Diebenkorn went on to become an important figurative artist and upon first investigation one will notice the suggestive nature of Henri Matisse’s work melding quite harmoniously with the West Coast Abstract Expressionism of the era.

Blah, blah, blah… Anyways, check out the new Grizzly Bear record if you are looking for some fresh music. And should you take more interest in the cover art please read more about Richard Diebenkorn as he was truly an American Master.

Even more info is available at Artsy’s Richard Diebenkorn page!

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