Shaken, not stirred.

As I recently exited a Metro station in Paris and I saw in front of me a door sized LED bilboard in front of me, there stood Javier Bardem with bleached blond hair, he slowly turned and stared at me (goosebumps).


“Bond, James Bond.” I don’t know, it’s probably just the kid in me but I think those three words were some of the coolest ever captured on the silver screen. And Sean Connery, what’s not to like about that charming man’s man? The coolest secret agent ever conceived. Bond plays it cool, calm and collected always managing to thrill and entertaining. Never forgetting the gorgeous women; James Bond spends almost all his precious free time to get intimate with some of the most beautiful women in the world. Yes, I am excited to see the new 007 movie but even more excited about the release of a new book title “The James Bond Archives” by EON Archives and edited by Paul Duncan.

Paul Duncan had spent two years sorting through over one million images and one hundred filing cabinets of documentation. The book was made with unrestricted access to the Bond archives, this book was conceived to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the francise and it is loaded with over 1,000  stunning images as well as cast and crew testimonials. You will also find unseen stills, on-set pics, memos, documents, storyboards, posters, and designs, plus unused concepts, and alternative designs. Just thought I would share this incredible news with all the other Bond fans out there. Enjoy!

– Chris Hess

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