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Art of The Arcade

Vintage yet classic design awaits you with this site we stumbled upon by Nick Dart. Nick is a talented designer in his own right who seems to be inspired by the design elements found in classic arcade era art. This site showcases both lost and seeming found video game designs as well as illustrations from the 1970’s and 1980’s. We can merely hope that this site is regularly updated since we find this stuff absolutely amazing and needless to say inspiring.

  • Watervilla Dock Side View
  • Watervilla River View (Night)
  • Watervilla Living Area
  • Watervilla Stairs
  • Watervilla Kitchen
  • Watervilla Dock

Watervilla de Omval

We at HDS are huge fans of architecture and we were pleasantly surprised to find that the houseboat has been redesigned. This clean and rather leanly designed house boat, Watervilla De Omval, floats upon the Amstel river in Amsterdam. A very contemporary redesign was utilized and all without losing the true characteristics of the typical houseboat. Living on the water has always been an option for folks in Amsterdam and it becomes more and more popular every year.

  • The Venus Priestess
  • Social Climbing Lesson
  • Undeniable Proof
  • Private Auction
  • Enceladus Spring
  • Ritual for Multiple Portals
  • Naive Honeymooners

Modern Vintage Collage?

Yes and well, yes. We here at Hess Design Solutions are considerably huge fans of collage work and our eyes are always on the prowl. Collages have such a distinct ability in which they can shine a humorous and somewhat absurd light on the most taboo aspects of the human race. Of course collages can just flat out be a lot of fun to utilize for printed work and adverts. At the very least one must admit that they are very eye catching, while what once seemingly looks like a normal photograph upon closer inspection affords us a view into a different word.

  • Bart & Co. King and Queen
  • The Bart & Co Crowd
  • The Bart & Co Buildings
  • The Bart & Co Man with Woman
  • The Bart & Co Worker

The Bart & Co. Historic Clip Art Collection

Fascinating stuff! These somewhat antiquated illustrations I found on Flickr are inspirational. Notice the yellowing tape marks of the mechanical paste-up process used to design years ago. The first time we saw this process used it was an exhibition article on display in Chicago at The Museum of Science and Industry’s “Sweet Home Chicago” exhibit. The aforementioned exhibit documented Chicago’s rich legacy of blues music and amongst many items on display was a record by Junior Wells titled “Hoodoo Man Blues” which employed the same technique for type and photo layout. We have a tendency to take this for granted some times due to our use of Adobe’s Illustrator and Photoshop.

We Pity The Big Bad Wolf

Amazing! Could the draw bridge’s legacy save lives throughout the midwest? Quite possibly, architects at 10 Design concocted this conceptual house for which tornadoes would pose no threat. The house can easily tuck itself beneath the ground much like a turtle can retract it’s vulnerable head out of harm’s way.

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  • 6148151044_e9ae10e77c_o
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Double Discount

We just had to post this sculpture titled “Double Discount” by artist Aled Lewis. The British born artist is clearly influenced and inspired by comics, film and television… uh, and video games. Here he replicates the Gameboy’s Double Dragon II via laser cutting by speedview. Cheers!

Toro Y Moi – Rose Quartz @ Lollapalooza 2012

Here at Hess Design Solutions we take music just as seriously as design. We work amongst and with musicians, music is the soundtrack to our lives as well as our workplace. So from time to time we will post something we really dig up here on the blog. This week it happend to be a song performed by a group named Toro Y Moi who just recently performed at Lollapalooza here in Chicago. It’s a sure bet that not everyone made it to our fine city this summer so we thought we should post it for those of you that missed it. AhmadTheChamp, a user on You Tube had this to say, “SO DOPE!” and we concur.

Malika Favre – Hide & Seek

Malika Favre has released a whimsical animation for her Hide and Seek exhibition at Kemistry Gallery in London, England. The exhibit runs from the 6th of September until the 29th and tells the story of “an intriguing and sophisticated woman travelling from one pattern to the next, hiding from the unsuspecting viewer”. We love it!