The Bart & Co. Historic Clip Art Collection

Fascinating stuff! These somewhat antiquated illustrations I found on Flickr are inspirational. Notice the yellowing tape marks of the mechanical paste-up process used to design years ago. The first time we saw this process used it was an exhibition article on display in Chicago at The Museum of Science and Industry’s “Sweet Home Chicago” exhibit. The aforementioned exhibit documented Chicago’s rich legacy of blues music and amongst many items on display was a record by Junior Wells titled “Hoodoo Man Blues” which employed the same technique for type and photo layout. We have a tendency to take this for granted some times due to our use of Adobe’s Illustrator and Photoshop.

Look at that aged and yellowed tape, the coarse texture of illustration board, colored pencil mark-ups… you really don’t get to see a lot of work like this anymore. Eat your heart Donny Draper!

View the full Flickr set.

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