Watervilla de Omval

We at HDS are huge fans of architecture and we were pleasantly surprised to find that the houseboat has been redesigned. This clean and rather leanly designed house boat, Watervilla De Omval, floats upon the Amstel river in Amsterdam. A very contemporary redesign was utilized and all without losing the true characteristics of the typical houseboat. Living on the water has always been an option for folks in Amsterdam and it becomes more and more popular every year.

The client/owners approached the firm, +31 ARCHITECTS to design a more appealing houseboat since they disliked the “caravan” like appearance of typical houseboats. A design such as this proves that folks can attain the benefits of living on a river all the while having a house that meets all their individual needs. The boat sports an open floor plan which allows the owner’s the luxury of enjoying the view of the water and the outdoor space. Fascinating!

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